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"Software developer with a kaizen mindset"


Gestalt Theory in design

Tuesday Feb 1, 2022
Shapes and relationships between those shapes are an important foundation of any design. Being aware how our brain inteprets those shapes is therefor an important aspect to ensure clear visual communication. To better understand this we have to look at some psychology… What is gestalt theory? Gestalt theory originally comes from psychology and revolves around perception. In relation to design it is focussed around visual perception. However it can be applied to other areas.

What Is Visual Design?

Friday Jan 28, 2022
The first step of my learning journey into design had me list some terms that I wanted to dive deeper into to understand it better. My first choice was to look into Visual Design. That may have proven a mistake as a first topic, but lets take a closer look together. Visual design is actually a very broad term and its exact definition can depend on who you ask. Some of the closely related terms that I found while reading on it were graphics design, UI design and visual communication.
I’ve always enjoyed design at some level. I made my start making websites and have dabbled in some digital art in my highschool days. I even started a design study, though switched to programming instead. However every so often I get back the itch to get back into it. It’s that time again… Below all the topics that I want to start with exploring and getting a better understanding of.