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"Software developer with a kaizen mindset"

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I’ve always enjoyed design at some level. I made my start making websites and have dabbled in some digital art in my highschool days. I even started a design study, though switched to programming instead. However every so often I get back the itch to get back into it. It’s that time again… Below all the topics that I want to start with exploring and getting a better understanding of.

Release Strategy

Saturday Nov 27, 2021

A while back I was trying to figure out how to automate releasing and versioning for one of my sideprojects. It is an api designed for use in jamstack and is written in golang. Here I’ll describe where I’ve ended up now.

My git cheatsheet

Friday Nov 26, 2021

These are the commands I generally use the most or ones that are very useful but don’t use frequent enough to remember.

Naming is a difficult thing to nail down as a developer. Most variables have to be clear both in technical as functional context. However as with most language the vocabulary may shift over time as the product/app develops. Old usages my be replaced, but forgotten to be refactored.

There are a few things I took from learning natural languages that gave me more tools to get to better names.