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This is a summary of Literary Devices: How to Use Literary Elements to Improve Writing. Make your writing stronger and more intentional through using specific literary devices. They can help the reader perceive something the way you want to. Allusion Create a sense of realism, connect the reader to your world. E.g. pandora’s box, the deadpool of his time Diction Is the choice of words, the tone, the way you’re writing.
This is a summary of If You Can’t Answer These 6 Questions You Don’t Have A Story - Glenn Gers. A story doesn’t necessarily have a single main character. A story is about how a character trying to achieve something runs into other characters who either help or harm their intention. They’re trying to get somewhere until they run into something. Every character thinks they’re the main character of the story.
This is a summary of Five Tips for Writing Your First Novel - Brandon Sanderson. In honor of National novel writing month: November. Loosly defining novel as 50000 words. Doable but difficult challenge. Goal to get you out of a rut, force yourself to write. It might not work for you, it might not fit you. Feel free to abandon it in that case. Borrow your structure When reading or watching something and you really like the structure, borrow it.

Cultivating positive self-talk

Monday Feb 21, 2022
I have struggled with depression and self-esteem issues for years. Over the last few years (I think) I have started to put the pieces together to fundamentally improve how I go through life happier. I started to realize that my negative self-talk was holding me back. I was unable to recognize the parts I do like about myself. When I wasn’t depressed I talked myself back into it, because ‘I didn’t deserve’ to be happy.