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Summary How to Use Literary Elements to Improve Writing

Monday Aug 15, 2022 | Series writing

This is a summary of Literary Devices: How to Use Literary Elements to Improve Writing.

Make your writing stronger and more intentional through using specific literary devices.

They can help the reader perceive something the way you want to.

  1. Allusion
    Create a sense of realism, connect the reader to your world. E.g. pandora’s box, the deadpool of his time

  2. Diction
    Is the choice of words, the tone, the way you’re writing.

  • Formal diction - e.g. when character is high class
  • Informal diction - everyday usage
  • Slang - real or made up
  • Colloquial diction
  1. Alliteration
    Gives your writing a rythm, often seen in poetry.

  2. Allegory
    Figure of speech where abstract ideas are described using characters, events or other elements. A story within a story.

  3. Colloquialism
    Colloquialisms are expressions, words and phrases that are used in informal, everyday speech, including slang.

  4. Euphemism
    Most often used sexual euphemism. Kinder or better way to say something that is not polite or proper to say.
    E.g. thin on top instead of bald.

  5. Flashbacks
    Going back in time from the current point in your story to give more context.

  6. Foreshadowing
    Hints and clues for your reader about whats to come. Not to pickup on but look back on. Surprise the reader but it has to make sense looking back.

  7. Imagery
    The use of visual descriptive or figurative language to paint a much clearer picture in your readers mind.

  8. Personification
    Human like characteristics to non human things.
    The wind whistled past my ears like a familiar tune I'd lokng forgotten

  9. Juxtaposition
    Put contrasting elements next to each other. Can do this with words, sentences or even chapters.
    I hate loving you

  10. Metaphor/Simile
    Comparisons to help the reader understand something better.

  11. Onomatopoeia
    Word to describe a sound.

  12. Symbolism
    Use of a specific element or situation to symbolize something more drastic or bigger.

  13. Tone The narrators thoughts, feelings on what is going on. Influencing what/how the reader feels.

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