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A couple days ago my kubernetes cluster broke after a system upgrade. Resulting in the cluster generating the errors below.

Securing k8s a little

Saturday May 8, 2021

After upgrading my cluster to 1.20.5 I had to move to the secure port and start to use authentication because of it. While I found a way to open everything up where it was easier to use (as a homelab) it is very insecure.

This post is to take a tiny step to securing the apiserver.

K8s Upgrade Master 1.20

Monday May 3, 2021

So it turned out upgrading my master from Fedora 33 to Fedora 34 (and thus from kubernetes 1.18 to 1.20) broke my master. Lets have a look at how to get it running again!

Adding kubelets the hard way

Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

In this article we’ll continue our journey on getting a multi node kubernetes cluster up and running. I’m doing this on VMs under kvm/qemu using Fedora 33 Server editions, purely out of preference and hardware available. This should however work with any hardware setup you’d like. If you don’t have your master running yet please read K8s The Hard Way

I recently got some new hardware in an effort to streamline my homelab. This required a move of my old kubernetes cluster and I decided to properly document that move this time. As I realised that the last guide I used was a lot harder to find now and I’m too stubborn to use k8s admin. Just to be absolutely clear, this guide will get you a running kubernetes cluster suitable as a learning environment or homelab. This is not a secure setup and this walkthrough/guide should not be used to setup a staging or production environment.